Adventures in Generosity

The occasionally coherent ramblings of a Stewardship Advisor in the Church of England

Chaos Theory

So Saturday saw my first public outing as Giving and Resources Advisor to the Diocese.  75 plus parish giving officers expecting much imparted wisdom the moment they stepped in the room.  The event went swimmingly – huge turnout, lots of lively discussion and happy customers, the build up last week however, was somewhat different …

As you would expect, my planned preparations were calm, ordered and timely –  complete work on my presentation on Tuesday, run final programme past the Archdeacon Wednesday morning, Wednesday and Thursday assemble delegate packs, sundry flipcharts, pens etc. then final run through everything Friday am before tootling over to the venue with all my paraphernalia Friday afternoon. 


Office shut Tuesday (because of bank holiday on Monday) – I didn’t know this – so no work laptop and no access to documents at home.  Arch D not in until Thursday and only time can get access to venue is Friday first thing – Half term and the vicar is off – so 4 days prep now to be done in 2 days.  Oh, and despite a deadline on the invite – what seemed like 100 extra RSVP emails, phonecalls and notes all with variations of “I know it’s a bit late but can we come” or “I know we said we were coming but” resulting in hourly re prints of name badges.

Cue much running about between my office and the photocopier (3 flights of stairs) much nagging of stationers to deliver  24 hours early, and much exploiting of my  fellow church housers – who now have RSI from sliding spine binders on to too much paper.

Then the hubby and babies arrived for a visit – and spent a happy hour hanging out in Church House garden sunbathing and waiting for me.  The chaos finally over and everything duly delivered we piled into the car and headed off home  ready for a relaxing evening with hubby, pizza and glass of something cool and collecting before the inevitable nerves hit.

We nearly got there. 

5 miles from home (about 50 minutes from work) hubby suddenly screamed – I thought we were going to crash but no, it was much much worse – he’d left THE BLACKBERRY in church house garden – the black storm clouds which had been developing on the horizon suddenly took on a far more portentous hue as we digested the inevitable – Church House was locked up, no one there to retrieve the precious object , the thought of all that cherished connectivity drowning in an early summer downpour too much to bear – a U turn the only option …

I don’t know what time we got home, I do recall my daughter (6 months) screamed most of the way back the second time and my son (4) spent most of the time expressing his annoyance (and hunger, and boredom) at our return visit by kicking my seatback at regular intervals. 

The glass of something chilled finally hit my lips around 9.30pm – but by then I confess I was less than gracious to hubby for delivering it.

Still, at least I didn’t have time for prematch nerves.

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