Adventures in Generosity

The occasionally coherent ramblings of a Stewardship Advisor in the Church of England

National Conference

Today and to the end of the week I’m holed up with my fellow Twurchstewards in Melton Mowbray to share our collective wisdom on all matters Generous. 

This won’t be a long post as I’m off wine tasting in 10 minutes and I fear my evening may be long.  When one colleague says ‘I’ve got the Whisky has the Colonel brought the Gin ?’ one must begin to fear for ones sobriety/sanity/liver/chances of a good nights sleep !

Not that it’s all about the ‘networking’ – the programme is full and it’s awesome to be amongst others who share a passion for what this Church could be.  Conference opening promises some engaging discussions though and if I can maintain my sobriety long enough to reflect on some of it I will try. 

For now, if you have the time, spare a prayer for the poor remnants of my liver and brain cells and that the coffee will be strong and plentiful …

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