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Greenbelt – there’s no place like Home

There is so very much to say about my Greenbelt 11 experience this weekend that I find myself almost lost for words (a miracle in itself, I know).  Much of the experience has been so very intensly personal and game changing that I’m not quite ready to put it out there yet.  But I just wanted to get some initial thoughts down before my head explodes completely.

From the moment I arrived (late) to the Blessed eucharist, just in time for communion, and heard the strains of my favourite ‘you’ve got the love’ I knew that I was Home.  Others have already mentioned how amazing that opener was but just to add to the general clamour – can we do that again next year please please please with a cherry on top?

And the theme of Home this year could not have been more perfect – as someone just pointed out on Twitter – I feel the need for a pair of ruby slippers because 12 months just seems like a tragically long time to be separated from that slightly soggy field in Cheltenham and from the crazy family of oddball relatives who ‘live’ there.

Every talk, random or planned, has resonated this weekend, I’ve not heard a bad piece of music, the random conversations with strangers (and the even randomer ones with friends) have been a joy, I’ve reconnected with my family, I’ve reconnected with myself and, most significantly I’ve reconnected with God through the amazing, diverse, bizarre, wonderful, random and; lets be honest; by Monday; slightly smelly, collection of 23,000 people with whom I shared the experience.

You’re all bloody lovely – now get in the bath because your making the place look untidy.

See you next year.


  Robb wrote @

I’ll see if we’re allowed.

I’ll play it at the Rock Mass for you 😉

  jobeacroftmitchell wrote @

awwww bless ya.

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