Adventures in Generosity

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Give up Bad Coffee for Lent – again !

It has been suggested that now might be a good time to resurrect last years #GUBC4L campaign.
I couldn’t agree more – so here, by way of a reminder is my original post on all things hospitable (or not) in church.
Last night I was dividing up our ‘Herman the German’ friendship cake with my 6 year old – who was curious to find out where the first Herman came from, and how the original ‘starter’ was made – when I told him this was a great mystery and nobody seems to know he came up with what to him seemed the obvious answer:
God made the first friendship cake of course – and all the many thousands of little baby Hermans currently circulating are in fact born of that one proto Herman – gifted to us by our Creator as an opportunity to share friendship, a little generosity and a big slab of fruit cake with our friends.
So, this morning I made a decision – we have 3 Hermans to give away – two will be going to friends, but I think the third might well find it’s way to a neighbour I don’t know particularly well – who knows where one simple gesture of hospitality and sharing might lead ?

Adventures in Generosity

Ever had one of those conversations where you thought you were talking about one thing but it turned out that what you were actually talking about was something else entirely ?

Twitter went a bit manic today when a seemingly inoccuous discussion about Coffee and its general quality in church uncovered a seemingly bottomless well of discontent and frustration – which it turns out isn’t really about coffee at all !

The collective conversation which ensued is too lengthy to repeat here – suffice to say that the potential for a book exploring the subject in-depth was mooted as a possibility. But in a nutshell the flow of the conversation went something like this:

A Rev. twitter buddy of mine was in trouble with member or members of her church because the coffee being served at lent groups had been switched from instant to ‘proper coffee’ !!!

Trivial, yes ?…

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