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Day one and I’m under budget !

Well that was day one – and the good news is I came in under budget – which means I can afford a cup of coffee here at CH towers – great news for my colleagues – even better news for my poor aching head.

Yesterdays meals consisted of boiled egg and toast (9p) Chickpea Dahl and baked potato (50p) and stirfried rice with mixed frozen veg and a tbl spoon of soy sauce (13p) – and lots and lots of water.teamonday

I’m not nearly as hungry as I thought I would be (give me time) in fact all these heavy duty carbs are rather making me want to curl up in a ball and snooze.

But oh boy is the Caffeine detox a killer – by the time I got home last night my head was banging and I felt like I was taking part in some awful sleep deprivation experiment.

So, today I will be using up some of my spare underspend and allowing myself a return to the bean.  A salutory lesson in itself – but I’m not willing to let my obvious addiction to get in the way of completing the challenge – maybe I’ll address the coffee dependency another time. 

This whole exercise is certainly giving me a chance to think about how much I take for granted.  Being conscious of every mouthful of food makes me really think about the nutritional value as well as the cost – if food is short the amount of nutrition and energy supplied by every mouthful counts – a biscuit suddenly looks like a ridiculously costly luxury – a quick hit for little return.

How often do we take for granted those small luxuries and how can we remember to savour even the smallest treat in our every day lives ? For 1.4billion people around the world that isn’t an option.

Please support me to support them


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  allbuthomeless wrote @

oh yeah, coffee ..That would be biggest probs with this challenge. It is my one vice but it’s a bad one!

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