Adventures in Generosity

The occasionally coherent ramblings of a Stewardship Advisor in the Church of England

48 hours and counting

Not much else to add today really.  Eggy bread (dry fried – I’ve run out of fry light rations) was a welcome change to boiled egg this morning and felt like a bit of a treat.

 Yesterday evening giving a workshop for a parish I really really felt I was fit to drop. Got home late and rapidly realised that human interaction just wasn’t an option.  Another workshop tonight so I’m apologising in advance to my colleagues who have to keep snapping their fingers to make sure I’m still awake in between presentations. 

At least I’m catching up on my sleep this week !

It’s not that I feel hungry as such – in fact lots of rice and potato has left me feeling rather like an over stuffed cushion. But I have almost no energy – ‘5 a day’ just seems like a middle class affectation on this budget – my 150g of frozen veg is such a treat to the tastebuds but it certainly isn’t enough to keep a body running all day.

I feel incredibly sluggish and wonder how anyone on this level of nutrition could even begin to work themselves out of poverty.

I’m certainly noticing I’m more cranky too and I’ve started counting down the hours to my promised Saturday morning breakfast. 

Please please support Christian Aid – for me this is an interesting and not terribly enjoyable experiment – for 1.4 billion people worldwide it is daily reality.



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