Adventures in Generosity

The occasionally coherent ramblings of a Stewardship Advisor in the Church of England


I’m the Giving and Resources Officer for a Church of England Diocese.  This isn’t the official giving page for the Diocese, but it is, I hope, a page that members of any Diocese (or anyone else out there) will find useful. Or entertaining, or amusing, or annoying. But mostly useful. 

It’s a place where I will put up stuff I’m working on – so a lot of the downloads might be a bit ‘drafty’ – please feel free to take them, leave them or amend them to your hearts content.

 It’s also a place where I might float some of my more ‘out there’ ideas for comment and discussion.  Which basically means that if you see something on here that you don’t like DONT PANIC it’s  not going to become Diocesan policy anytime soon (in fact it will probably never get further than the inside of my coffee addled brain).

 On the other hand, if you see anything here and think – blimey that’s a FANTASTIC IDEA then please feel free to jump up, run to the phone and call the Diocesan Secretary to let him know what a genius I am.  Joking. Well, probably.


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