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oooooo twitters gone all frantic.  Looks like it’s all kicking off in the CofE – Archbishop Williams’ Pentecost letter will no doubt be much discussed, debated, celebrated and derided over the coming days and the great British media will relish this little gem  as yet another opportunity to frame the Anglican Communion as sex obsessed mysogynists / the last bastion of moral Chrisitan decency / politically correct loony liberal lefties (pick your POV). 

But hang on a minute – what’s this tweet from the cabinet office ?  Poverty you say ? In Britain ? Today ? In the year 2010 ?

Set against international comparisons, income inequality in the UK is now at its highest level since comparable statistics began in 1961, and the proportion of the population living in relative poverty is higher than in many European countries. For young people the findings are particularly alarming. In the UK, the proportion of children growing up in workless households, and the proportion of young people not in work, education or training, is higher than in almost any other European country

Nice that my church is focusing on what really matters and addressing the pressing moral questions of our time.

It sure makes my job persuading people that they ought to part with their hard earned to support the relevant and compassionate mission of the church a whole lot easier.