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Conspiracy of Freedom

Was put onto this site yesterday by the ever lovely Changing Worship.  Fabulous videos asking some searching questions about the way we live today.  Thought provoking materials presented in an accesible format to really get the conversation started.


Back to work !

Following an incredibly succesful training day for Parish Giving Officers on Saturday I thought I’d upload the presentations.

1st is from Ian Gledhill – head of Charities at HM Revenue and Customs – and is all about Gift Aid  Ian Gledhill Gift Aid presentation.

Second is my own Planned giving toolkit workshop session – complete with my notes (please don’t laugh at my reminders to click !) which I didn’t really follow in the end. 

I should point out that I am very much standing on the shoulders of giants here.  The fundraising cycle stuff comes from Redmond Mullins excellent book ‘Fundraising Strategy’ and the workshop stuff is based around the extensive resources available from Giving in Grace  which I am encouraging my parishes to adopt –  no point reinventing any wheels.

New Presentation

Just finished updating this 

parish financial overview

after last nights Stewardship Campaign meeting.  May need amending again once the PCC have had time to mess with it some more.  Its a good one for discussing the state of the church finances as a whole congregation – compares the cost of running the church with the cost of living generally.

This particular PCC have asked for more graphs rather than the text that’s there now so I’ll update it when we’ve finished fiddling. 

For now, feel free to amend and let me know what you think.