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The Road to Hell …

I’ve not been the most prolific blogger of late. I’ve also not been the most prolific prayer or reader of the bible. So, in an attempt to kill several birds with one stone I’ve decided to actually open the copy of ‘The Stewardship Study Bible’ that I was given as a new job present and find out what insights I can gleen on all things stewardship. Not bad, considering I’ve been in the job 7 months now.

It occurs to me that reading what the Bible has to say on the subject of stewardship ought to be something a stewardship advisor does on a regular basis,, but as ever am a bit slow on the uptake. It could never be said that I lack good intentions. It’s just that I what I do lack is any sense of focus or an attention span greater than a goldfish !

In an attempt to impose some discipline and develop intention into a regular habit I figured I’d follow the reading programme set out in the book. I also figured it would be more likely to happen if I also committed to track my progress via this blog.

We shall see …


Event news

Attended a ‘Community Cascade’ event today on ‘Resourcing your faith building’.

Have to admit a tad of scepticism before hand – CC is a partnership between all the CVS’s in West Yorks (thats councils for voluntary services to those fortunate enough not to have to know these things).

CVS’s not in my experience all that good at dealing with Faith organisations unless said groups keep fairly quite about the Faith in question.

However, an excellent and informative day.  Morning Workshop was on Energy Sustainability and was full of incredibly useful stuff on how to monitor, audit, manage and reduce energy costs.  The chap giving the presentation had experience of energy audits in churches so clearly had an understanding of the limits and idiosyncracies involved in historic and archaic buildings.  I will post his presentation up when I get a copy.

He’s also agreed to come to our Autumn Training day so watch this space.

Afternoon session was on Marketing – got some good pointers and materials but presenter seemed a bit phased by the whole ‘faith building’ thing – so no specific strategies there – and she managed to alienate half the room (the Anglican half anyway) by saying that our message should make it clear that ‘you’re not just safe and comfortable’ hmmmmmmmmm.

Latest Updates

Just added a whole host of helpful links.

We’ve got resources for planning stewardship campaignsSpecial accounts to make your own personal giving simpler.  Study materials for individuals or house groups and one or two blogs for entertainment

Personal favourites at the minute are my good friends at Christians Against Poverty – awesome what they do to support those who get into financial trouble – especially at the moment.  If your church isn’t already engaged with them please take a look – they have a great financial training programme that you could deliver – brilliant outreach and at the same time a gentle way to reach out to those within your congregation who might just be suffering in silence.