Adventures in Generosity

The occasionally coherent ramblings of a Stewardship Advisor in the Church of England

WHAT did she just say ?????

I hope this blog will be a place to find useful stuff to support anyone who is interested in building a truly generous church.

I also hope it will be a place with a sense of humour that doesn’t take THE CHURCH too seriously.  So please, if you are offended or concerned by anything that is written, don’t just go off in a corner and sulk.  And please don’t take it out on any of the other wonderful, lovely, hardworking and often downtrodden folk you may meet from CHURCH HOUSE. 

This is a blog – not the official website of anything and as such all opinions, gripes, rants, moans and blasphemies are entirely mine and I shall take the consequences of your righteous ire. 

On the other hand, if you really think I’ve got something horribly wrong please let me know.

I’m slowly coming around to the idea that I DONT KNOW EVERYTHING. Whilst I will always attempt to be accurate, I’m not a theologian or an expert on matters ecumenical.

Corrections, amendments, suggestions and requests for clarification are always welcome.


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